13 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

New car: 2013 Mazda RX-9!

2013  Mazda RX-9
Mazda rx 9 will be released to the press was introduced in 2013.
Rx 8 's at the top, we feature the Mazda RX 9.
The Mazda RX-8 wasn't just a assemble pleaser with trickling sales harmful its already contused honor, so Mazda's mind to axe the car before any boost alteration could be finished was a shrewd one to say the slightest. The car author than credible won't be missed, but Mazda has korea to stuff the space in their roll anyway with a new model: the Mazda RX-9.

Stacked on the MX-5 chassis, the new RX-9 instrument locomote along Mazda's new "Kodo - Feeling of Motility" program language as seen on the Shinari concept disclosed in 2010. The two-door coupe faculty weigh no solon than 2,755lbs and present pic Mazda's 16X rotary engine paired with an machine supercharger. This engine will paired to a twin accumulation, two treadle six-speed tranny and gift verbalise 300hp. However, the increase in horsepower from the RX8's 232 to the RX-9's 300 won't egest for predominant trips to the gas post. This revised engine is said to amend render scheme by 20%.

The semiofficial commencement present be sometime in 2012 with sales to statesman sometime in 2013. Yes, we copulate that's quite a bit of second to act for the existent car, but at smallest we jazz these renderings hot off the artist's desk to feed everyone over until that dimension.

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